our design process


We almost always start with good ‘ol hand drawn sketches. Whether we’re hashing out a particular design feature, or working on the overall design of an entire piece, we reach for a pad and pencil first. It really is the quickest way to weed out ideas that are duds and focus on what’s working.

Once we have a clear idea of where the design is going, we’ll work on a couple scale sketches to make sure everything jives, then it’s off to the computer.


We take the time and effort to design everything in 3D CAD software for a couple reasons. First, it gives our clients a very clear and accurate visual of what the final product will be; this where we get our final sign-off from our clients and we can start putting blade to wood. Secondly, it provides us with very clear and accurate shop drawings with which to produce the finished piece.


Even though the design has been finalized before we hit the shop, there are still quite a few decisions that need to be made. These decisions consider the grain direction of the wood, the color variations, the unique character of each individual piece of lumber. Separately, these decisions are minor, but they are always made within the holistic context of the finished piece.

This final design step is what separates a good piece of furniture from a consciously designed object of pure delight.

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